A smarter approach to insuring certainty.

Insurance is a part of your overall risk reduction strategy. Select your partners carefully.


180 Risk Partners


We help CFO’s, controllers, managers and owners of Manufacturing and Distribution operations to systematically identify and address the exposures they face, then communicate that plan to the insurance carrier to obtain best in class rates and premiums.

  • Rate Map A peer based or year to year comparison of industry and risk appropriate rates. Learn More
  • Risk Map A systematic method designed to identify risk and document decisions. Learn More
  • Values Map Detailed info used to determine policy limits, business income, workers comp & more. Learn More
  • Service Map Customized schedule of service events designed to improve communication and assure desired results. Learn More
  • Comp 180 A suite of tools focused on post accident follow up and review, time of injury triage and injury prevention. Learn More
  • Done. Better. Sending teammates home in better condition than when they arrived. Learn More


Some amazing things about us you should know.

  • 158 Employees/Client Average number of employees per client.
  • 21 Monthly Interactions Average number of interactions per client each month.
  • 30 Portfolio Goal Number of total clients we wish to serve.
  • 180 Degrees Number of degrees different from other brokers and agents.

Reduce your risk today!

180 Risk Partners utilizes a systematic process to help manage risk in organizations which is our "smarter approach to insuring certainty."


Tim has done a great job with managing costs and risk for our business insurance at Gryboski Builders Inc. and Gryboski Properties LLP. I haven't hesitated to recommend him to others. Robert Gryboski – Gryboski Builders

I met Tim several years ago when he was President of Insurance Associates and I was the CFO of a local manufacturer. Tim's knowledge of business risk insurance made my job easier. He takes a genuine interest in his clients and assures the right fit of product for the specific need. I appreciated the fact that he never tried to oversell. I recently reconnect with Tim, where he presented the "Risk Map" that he developed. This tool is well thought out and will provide any CFO or CEO with a thorough and efficient view of their business risk as well as a timetable for follow up Linda Justema – former CFO for Dowco

It is great to be working with you again. We just have not had any confidence in our coverage since we worked with you last.