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“We will share what we know and have to help and educate others.”


It is the reason WHY we do what we do. This phrase speaks to what we do in our business but also VERY strongly reflects what we believe is important in life. Tim Kneeland, Partner and Founder of 180 Risk Partners shares the following:

Sharing what we have and know to help and educate others is not a business slogan. It is a firm commitment to our customers, community, family and the world to share the blessings God has given us with others. Our mission of service goes out to several special communities:

Families – My family is my priority. I take great joy in spending time with my children, wife and extended family. Getting to know them and their friends and coaching them through experiences and adventures. My greatest joys come from helping others get outside their comfort zone, experiencing something new, making them feel important while creating memories in the process.

Clients and their Employees – Most people don’t fully understand the details of “Risk Management and Insurance”, and most don’t want to, but I feel we can truly deliver uniquely helpful tools and use process to assist business owners and CFO’s mitigate risk and keep their employees safe. My clients genuinely want to see their employees return home at the end of the day in as good or better condition than when they arrive.

Serving a Community of Children – For years I have been involved with and surrounded by many others who feel kids deserve a few things:

  • Children deserve a fun environment in which to be a Kid – I have been involved in Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya since my father took me there in 1976. Since then he and I chaired a successful $3.2 million dollar capital campaign to assure camp is there for future generations and I currently serve as president of the Y’s Men’s Club; an 80 year old service club providing funds for camp scholarships and coordinating semi annual camp work projects. www.CampUnahliya.org
  • Advocacy when they got what they did not deserve – Willowtree Child Advocacy Center helps children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse and maintains a facility and process to assure the horrors of the event are not relived time and time again. I am proud to be a board member and supporter of this organization dedicated to doing important work for those children who got what they did not deserve in life at a young age. www.WillowTreeCAC.org
  • Children Deserve an Education – Education is the best opportunity to escape poverty. My daughter was born in rural Guatemala in a town where children do not have the opportunity to go to school beyond 6th grade. My family and a group of close friends recently took over a 12 year old 501©3 organization called Amigos de Patzun which gives these children a chance to attend school through 12th grade where they will earn their degree as a teacher or accountant and allow them to advance themselves and their families out of a cycle of poverty. www.AmigosDePatzun.com
  • Children Deserve Hope and the Means for Real Change – As a board member of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, I have the opportunity to help make good decisions to fund multiple local organizations collaborate to address the root causes of poverty and drive improvement in our community. www.GGBCF.org

We encourage our team and others to serve those communities that are important in their lives.

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