180 Risk Partners




cer-tain-ty, noun, something certain; an assured fact.


Our systematic process is designed to assure you are certain regarding your insurance and risk management decisions and programs.

Reduce cost through lower experience modification factors:

  • Map implementation of best practices for a culture which promotes employee
  • Communicate a sincere desire and process to keep employees safe in a meaningful and genuine format
  • Set action oriented behavior goals

Manage and Map cash flow:

  • Scheduled reviews of payroll and sales exposures
  • Benchmark your rates vs. your peers

Assure accurate limits through spreadsheets for:

  • Buildings
  • Contents and Equipment
  • Confirm Coverage Details
  • Computer Equipment

Plan for the unexpected:

  • Confirm Coverage Details
  • Track Decision History

Some Questions to ask for Your Benefit:

  • How does your current broker help you select policy limits?
  • Do they have a forensic accountant set compute your business income limit?
  • Can you list 4 specific action items in place this year to improve safety and reduce claim costs?
  • What percent of the time you spend talking with your broker revolve around risks your business faces and creative solutions vs. time spent discussing golf, football, kids, politics, vacations and weather?
  • Does your broker contract with the multiple options of the best service providers in the industry for safety, HR solutions, forensic accounting, lean and strategy or simply utilize a “one size fits all” in house generalist?
  • Does your broker have a physical therapist available to attend regularly scheduled claim reviews to assure your HR team understands and can challenge claim adjusters on open cases?
  • Does your broker specialize in your industry or are they a generalist?

Our process leads to your benefit of lowered costs, best in class premiums, industry best practices, uninterrupted business operations and employees who return home at the end of the day in better condition than when they arrived.


A smarter approach to insuring certainty.


Reduce your risk today!

180 Risk Partners utilizes a systematic process to help manage risk in organizations which is our "smarter approach to insuring certainty."